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45 positive sobriety affirmations

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Much like exercise, they raise the level of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons.  ‘You are what you think’ and life really does stem from our thoughts.  Often when we embark on a journey of sobriety, we are not in great places, both physically and mentally and we are likely talking to ourselves in negative ways which is why it’s so important to start talking to ourselves in more positive ways, especially during this period.

How to use affirmations

Write Them Down

Writing out positive affirmations so they can act as visual aids is another tactic for making them part of a daily practice. If you’re writing your own, write in the present tense, as the affirmations should be about the present and future, not the past. Try jotting down affirmations on cards or sticky notes and hanging them up in accessible, prominent places for a physical reminder of your value statement.

Visualise Your Affirmations

Turn your mind off and cultivate a quiet, meditative state by visualising a calming scene along with the affirmation. If your happy place is a beach and listening to the ocean, visualise that. If you’re most calm while hiking in nature, envision your favorite trail along with your positive or grounding statement.

There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you find the visualisation and affirmations that work for you,

Recite Them Aloud

You can use positive affirmations anywhere, anytime. Give yourself a little pep talk out loud in front of the mirror, in your car on the way to work or anywhere you happen to be. Start your short positive affirmation with the words, “I am…” “I can…” or “I will…” followed by a present tense statement

Keep it simple so the statement is something you can easily remember and turn to when you’re stressed or need motivation.

Affirmations should resonate and stay with you, and it’s a good idea to speak the words out loud to help affirm your statement. 

Try saying your affirmation outloud at least 10 times, even if you feel silly.  Repetition solidifies the affirmation in your mind as a true statement. The more you say it, the more you’ll begin to use that neural pathway. 

Be patient—it might take a few weeks to get comfortable saying your positive affirmations out loud and meaning the words you say.

Here are 45 positive affirmations to support your sobriety journey which you may wish to try

  1. I am the only thing in control of my life.
  2. I deserve to be sober.
  3. I forgive myself for what I did under the influence.
  4. My life is free from the alcohol loop.
  5. I can look inside myself as a source of joy.
  6. I am stronger than temptation.
  7. I am proud of myself.
  8. I am in control.
  9. I respect my body and my loved ones.
  10. Every day, in every way, I am getting better.
  11. I can and I will.
  12. I will be a better me.
  13. I am worthy of great things.
  14. I like the person I’m becoming.
  15. I am loved.
  16. I can do anything I put my mind to.
  17. I’m taking small steps every day to improve my life.
  18. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  19. I don’t need alcohol to feel happy.
  20. I am confident in myself and my ability to achieve my goals.
  21. Sobriety is helping me shape a better future for myself.
  22. I’m proud of the changes I’ve made.
  23. I trust the way my path is unfolding.
  24. I deserve to be happy.
  25. I am in charge of my life story.
  26. I embrace and accept mistakes because I can grow from them. They no longer knock me down.
  27. My struggle with alcohol doesn’t define who I am.
  28. I respect myself and my loved ones.
  29. I am stronger than I give myself credit for.
  30. I have the courage, strength, understanding, and determination to lead a sober life
  31. I know that it’s okay to ask for help when I need it.
  32. All of my problems have a solution.
  33. I deserve acceptance and love.
  34. I honour my body by choosing what is healthy for me.
  35. The problems I face aren’t too big for me, and I’m capable of solving them.
  36. Peace can be found in the present moment. I don’t need to look elsewhere.
  37. I have all I need for happiness within myself.
  38. I am healing.
  39. I give myself the space to process my emotions with self-compassion.
  40. I treat myself like a friend who I really care about.
  41. There is beauty in being alive.
  42. I am brave enough to face discomfort.
  43. I prioritise the relationships that uplift me and support my recovery.
  44. I feel safe enough to connect with and open up to the people in my life.
  45. My sobriety is giving me the chance to live the life I deserve.

Have you tried using positive affirmations? Have you found them useful? I would love to hear your experience of using affirmations.